Feeding Hong Kong thrives on the support of individual and group volunteers to help fight hunger and reduce food waste.



We need individual volunteers to help with the Bread Run, and support our office and warehouse operations.


We offer opportunities for groups to help sort and pack food at our warehouse, or volunteer as Bread Runners.

Special events

We welcome volunteers to share their professional skills and expertise with us.

The Bread Run

The Bread Run welcomes people of all ages to take part. Every Tuesday and Thursday evening, volunteers collect surplus bread from bakeries near closing time and bring them to our collection points. The bread will then be distributed to schools, shelters and charities.

Warehouse Session

Every Tuesday and Friday, groups of volunteers help sort and repack food at our warehouse. This is a fun way to team-build, and the most hands-on way to learn about food banking.

Office and Operations support

Share your professional skills such as graphic design and IT with us. We also welcome volunteers to support our general office administration, food delivery and special events.


Volunteer with us. We need your helping hands!