Industry Donations

Feeding Hong Kong offers the food industry an opportunity to redirect their surplus food for social good. We collect high quality surplus food from growers, manufacturers, processors, distributors and retailers, and redistribute it to people who need it most.


Donating your surplus to feed those in need is a better alternative to waste. It is cost and time effective, environmental friendly and beneficial to society.

A smart logistics solution

Donating surplus is a sustainable way to handle excess stock. It enables your business to increase resource efficiency, while supporting those in need.

A step towards sustainability

Redirecting your surplus to those in need helps reduce food waste and lessen the burden on our landfills.

A practical way to give back to society

Redirecting your surplus to feed those in need is a practical and proactive way to serve the community and fulfil corporate social responsibility.


We accept food that is fit and safe to eat, but has lost its commercial value during the normal course of business, and would otherwise be thrown away. We accept fresh, frozen and shelf stable items, and can handle multi-pallet donations.

Rice, noodles and pasta

Oats and cereals

Bakery goods

Dairy products

Baby food and formula

Vegetables and fruits

Meat, fish and eggs

Cooking oil and condiments

Sweet and savoury snacks


Household items

Personal care products


Feeding Hong Kong is a professional logistic partner that food companies can trust. Our warehouse and fleet are equipped with facilities to handle fresh, frozen and shelf-stable goods in bulk. The safety and integrity of your donated products is our top priority.

  • Logistics coordination

    We work with each food donor to confirm the best transportation arrangement. This will be either transit to our warehouse or direct delivery to one of charity partners.

  • Quality control

    We sort and inspect all donated items to make sure they are fit and safe to eat. All product details are captured in our inventory to facilitate recalls and full traceability.

  • Storage

    Our warehouse is equipped with a walk-in chiller and freezer, heavy duty racking and pallet lifters and trolleys.

  • Redistribution

    All food donations are redistributed to approved charity partners. We coordinate the safe onward delivery, in a volume and variety suitable for their programmes.

Make An Industry Donation

Donate your surplus food and feed those in need.