Every day, 3,400 tonnes of food waste are sent to landfills in Hong Kong, while one million people live in poverty struggling to afford nutritious meals. Feeding Hong Kong bridges this gap by linking food companies and charities to redistribute surplus food from where it is plentiful, to where there is a need.

We rescue

quality surplus food from the food industry that would otherwise go to waste.

We redistribute

food to charities feeding those in need.

We collaborate

with volunteers to collect, sort and deliver food.

We partner

with community partners to raise awareness and make positive change in society.


Feeding Hong Kong has been offering a solution to food waste and hunger since 2011. We serve as a link between food companies with surplus and charities with need. Here’s the progress we’ve made:


Sign up for a Warehouse Session
Team-build for a good cause by helping to sort and pack food in our warehouse.
Join a Bread Run
Collect surplus bread and directly help reduce waste and feed those in need.
Host a Food Drive
Engage your community by collecting food donations for those in need.
Register a Meet & Greet
Visit our warehouse and learn about food waste, hunger and food banking.
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